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Bronze A
Player Stats
Playoff Tree
The Chill191332129
Foothill Flyers 191152125
Honey Badgers 191162024
The Kraken 191162024
Suicide Kings B 191053124
Titans 19991019
Vikings 19892018
Norcal Crossover C NorCal Crossover C195111213
River Monsters 194111312
Regulators 194112212
Bronze A Playoff 2000000
Bronze A Playoff 1000000
Bronze B
Player Stats
Playoff Tree
Nightmare 191341128
Project Mayhem 191152125
Sons of Slapshot191152125
Assassins 19892018
Gruesome B 19684117
Bronze B Playoff 1000000
Bronze B Playoff 2000000
Gold A
Player Stats
Playoff Tree
Scarecrows 191720034
Fallen Leaf Landscape 191171023
Out of Bounds 196130012
Globo Gym19315107
Gold A Playoff 1000000
Gold A Playoff 2000000
Gold B
Player Stats
Playoff Tree
Renegades 191252026
Wolverines 191152125
Shamrocks 19962222
Flying Monkeys 19972121
Last Call 198101017
KO Rockstars 198110016
Chiefs 196121013
Gold B Playoff 2000000
Gold B Playoff 1000000
Silver A
Player Stats
Playoff Tree
Wicked Pinkies 191810036
Norcal Crossover NorCal Crossover191540030
Blue Meanies 191261025
Cold Fusion 191171023
Roseville Rink Rats 19981120
The Bombers 19871320
Predators 19792117
Phantoms A195122012
Soylent Green 194122111
Rebels 19118002
Silver A Playoff 2000000
Silver A Playoff 1000000
Silver B Stanley
Player Stats
Playoff Tree
Make Money Millionaires 191431130
Wolfpack 191322230
Bearly Sober 191341128
Bad Brews Bears191351027
Mutiny 191171023
Suicide Kings A191180022
Gruesome A 197120014
Interstate Oilers 194132010
Sloths 194131110
Silver B Stan Playoff 2000000
Silver B Stan Playoff 1000000
Silver B Wales
Player Stats
Playoff Tree
Pirates 191513033
Puck Hogs 191333029
Pints 191052224
Meat Sweats191072022
Steelheads 19890218
Drunken Knights19793017
Phantoms 197110115
Le Team 197111015
Norcal Crossover B NorCal Crossover B196130012
Ice Dawgs 194132010
Silver B Wales Playoff 2000000
Silver B Wales Playoff 1000000